Wednesday, February 12, 2014

To Protect & Save: Generic RFID Proximity Cards

If your organization is currently using RFID proximity technology to authenticate personnel or vehicle ID cards, eXpress badging has a great deal for you on our new high quality/low cost replacement cards. Called eXpressPROX™, these units use the same proximity technology and have the same high quality as the name-brand cards and badges out there but they’re available at a significantly lower cost and with a much quicker turnaround for delivery.

In the past, if your company bought cards with a standard 35- or 37-bit proprietary format to work with the ID system you had acquired, when it came time to replace cards or issue new ones you were locked in to one provider. Being locked into one single provider is never a good thing, since it allows that company to set their prices at wherever they want without fear of the competition undercutting them.

Now, however, you have the opportunity to obtain RFID proximity cards capable of working with all proximity readers, including the ones in your system, and to buy them at a fraction of the price you’ve been paying for the expensive “name brand” units. They use the same technology and have as good or better quality and durability. The imaging surface is polished, ready for use with all PVC printers, and are available in sets of 50. You choose whether you want unprinted or custom printed cards.

Other options include the choice of standard PVC material or the more durable composite PVC material that’s required for use in laminating printers. You can also opt for the inclusion of a flush-mounted magnetic strip, which gives the proximity badge a dual-purpose capability. Also choose whether or not you want a photo included on the credential. Supports a variety of bit formats using 125kHz RFID frequency.

Monday, February 10, 2014

To Outsource, Or Not to Outsource: Is That Your ID Badge Question?

At eXpress badging, we understand the importance of having a comprehensive, well-designed ID badge/card system for the safety, security and convenience of your workplace. We provide a variety of solutions to meet your identification credential requirements, regardless of whether you're a conventional business enterprise, a governmental or educational concern, a nonprofit organization or a healthcare facility. Your first option is to decide whether you want to design and produce your own ID badges in house or whether you'd prefer to outsource the task and have the job done for you. We can provide the support you need no matter which route you choose.

What Does It Take To Do Your Own?

Issuing badges or ID cards for the first time or reissuing credentials to a large group of people definitely takes some preplanning and isn't just a simple matter of accessing your database, taking some photos of your people and clicking the print button on your badge software program.

While today's advanced ID card software and printing equipment make it fairly straightforward to design and produce professional-looking cards and badges in house, before undertaking such a task you should probably ask yourself the following:
  • Have you done this before or will this be your first attempt?
  • Do you have the time and labor force needed to complete the project properly and on time?
  • Will your current ID badge production system be able to handle the volume you require?
  • Is your personnel data organized and up to date?
  • Are your badge or card photos current or will new photos be required?
If it looks like you have all the bases covered and are willing to do this job in house you'll have a few other considerations to make. One will be how personnel will wear or display their credentials, as a variety of holders are available. If this is a reissue project, you'll want to consider all of the different types of cards, badges, tokens and fobs used within your organization. This is the perfect time to consolidate and make sure that one credential will work in all reader locations.

In addition, you'll want to address card or badge durability and choose the correct type of materials for production. Cards that are swiped through readers using either bar codes or magnetic strips will show premature wear on both sides. The best option for these is to use laminates.

When Outsourcing Badge Personalization and Production is Preferred

For some organizations, in-house badge or card design and production is either not desired or not feasible. eXpress badging has been producing custom badges, ID cards and nametags for 20+ years for organizations preferring to outsource this important task. Maybe your requirements are modest and you see no advantage in acquiring your own equipment or your requirements are significant and you're not willing to allocate the time and labor required to design, produce and deliver needed ID authentication credentials.

With the capability of producing 10,000+ units daily, our production staff uses the best of today's ID technologies to fulfill your exact requirements, including personnel tracking, employee time/attendance, door/elevator access, network access, photo identification and more. We offer standard ID cards/badges, PROX and RFID fobs and tokens, and can incorporate bar codes, magnetic strips, PINs and biometrics. Having this outsourced, rather than investing the time, trouble and expense to do it yourself is a great option that many of our clients are grateful we offer and a highly beneficial service to utilize.