Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Keeping Your ID Badge Safe & Secure

Using ID badges around the workplace keeps people and critical corporate information safe on a daily basis. If you constantly misplace your badge, it costs the company to replace it and its loss could compromise important company information or products. By following a few set routines, you can stop losing or misplacing your ID badge and ensure your co-workers and company’s safety.

Treat it as Personal Property

You wouldn't leave your wallet, or other personal property, out on your desk as a habit, so think of your badge as personal property. Keep it on your body at all times because it is your responsibility. Some employers may even see badge negligence as a reflection of your work ethic. If you cannot take care of a small badge, could you care for a large client workload? Show your employer that you are a responsible employee and keep track of the badge at all times.

Where to Attach It?

Badges are easily held on lanyards, especially if you need to use them on internal door lock points. Select a strong plastic holder and a fun lanyard that matches your personality. Try using a vendor's lanyard to show you are part of the team to support customers with the best products. If a lanyard is not possible, try retractable reels. Badges attached to your belt or hip are simply pulled out on a reel mechanism to unlock doors. They quickly retract and remain out of your way as you move about your work day.

Stop Unrestricted Access

Some curious customers, or even competitors, look for distracted employees to gain access to restricted areas. Corporate secrets and prototypes are at risk of being leaked to the public if your badge is left on a desk unprotected. Do not be the person that allows a customer to root around the office with your badge. If that person is injured or discovers major company secrets, you can easily be terminated for negligence.

Use Common Sense

Even if you have a set routine to keep the badge safe and on your person at all times, it is still possible to lose it occasionally. Report the loss to security or HR as soon as you can't find it. Do not leave the badge in your car either. Along with sunlight damage, would-be thieves may see the badge as a financial opportunity and break into your vehicle.

Having an ID badge means you are part of an important team. Respect your position and the company's protocol while keeping track of the badge. It keeps everyone protected in the end.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Zebra ID Printer Bundled with Advanced Installation Support

At eXpress badging we strive to provide appropriate identity solutions for all types/sizes of businesses, governmental and educational organizations and medical facilities. We've learned that each entity has their own unique requirements. While many of our larger clients prefer to outsource their identification badges and other security requirements, others prefer to acquire the equipment and supplies needed for in-house production of their identification and security card needs. We're willing and able to comply with whatever support is needed and have developed our business to be responsive to each company's unique needs.

For organizations desiring the capability of producing their own high quality, secure identification and access control cards, eXpress badging offers an array of all-in-one bundles that allow for in-house, end-to-end production of these items. For more modest organizations operating within restricted budget requirements, one of the most popular bundles we offer is the Zebra® QuikCard ID Solution™, which includes everything you need to produce up to 200 high quality, bar-coded security ID/access control cards easily and inexpensively.

Complete System in a Box

Setting up the Zebra QuikCard System is quick and uncomplicated because the system includes a two-hour remote set-up and training period that will have you up and running in no time. Everything you need to start producing ID and security cards is provided, including:
  • The ZXP Series 1 Printer and a True Colours high-performance ribbon cartridge
  • CardStudio Software which will enable you to intuitively set up custom card templates in just minutes
  • High-definition USB Webcam for capturing high quality photos
  • 200 CR-80 plastic card blanks
The protection afforded by having a system of ID and access controls cannot be overstated and adds a new level of safety and security to your business, your employees and staff, visitors, patients, etc. Access control for doors, elevators and sensitive areas can be easily overseen, alleviating the need to re-key locks when personnel turnover occurs and keeping control and data records of who's going where and when. This Zebra system is an easy entry into a security system that's easily expandable to meet your growing needs.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Needs for Small Business Badging

It's no secret that security has become an ever-increasingly important factor in business today. One critical aspect of this is in the area of effective identity solutions. This is a wide field and includes such things as:
  • Photo identification cards for employees
  • Identification cards for visitors
  • Door access security
  • Employee attendance and time worked accountability
  • Point of sale statistics for facilities such as college campuses or hospitals
  • Computer network access security
While ID badging has long been employed for control and security in large organizations, the value for this type of system is no less important for smaller, more modest business operations. Consider doorway security as an example.

Having employee identification cards that also double as door access key cards allows management to know who's coming and going and exactly when. It prevents unauthorized access to exterior entry doors and can also be used for control of internal doors where only specific personnel are allowed entry. When an employee leaves your employment it's no longer necessary to have locks re-keyed or to worry about current employees having copies of keys to your facility being made.

ID badges are a great tool for maintaining employee accountability regarding attendance and hours worked. In addition, badges can be printed to reflect important emergency information pertaining to that specific individual in case of an injury or other medical emergencies.

Having a system for identifying visitors to your facility will add to a more secure environment and allow for more detailed accountability. A real benefit of working with a technologically advanced company like eXpress Badging is that you have the capability of creating a secure environment tailored to your exact needs. From a simple personnel ID system or control over entry access to an advanced biometric or detailed data accumulation system, we have the expertise to meet your precise needs.

While large organizations often purchase their own hardware and software to handle printing and issuance of their own security badges, smaller companies have the option of outsourcing those tasks to us.

For more than 20 years, eXpress Badging has been producing high quality photo ID badges, name badges, ID cards and name badges, all custom made to clients' exact specifications. This includes custom-printed logos, reverse-side text and special security elements such as holographic seals, barcodes, magnetic strips or RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification). We gladly handle large and small orders, even if all you need is one single replacement badge.

If you are a small organization with relatively few employees, perhaps you've not given much thought to the need for this form of heightened security in your facility. This is an affordable way of improving accountability in the workplace and, once even a small system is put into place, it can easily be expanded as your organization continues to grow. If you'd like further information feel free to contact us to learn about the many options available.

HID Fargo/Jolly Professional Duplex ID System Spotlight

For companies initiating an Identification Management System that will be requiring a large number of individual cards to be printed, establishing an in-house operation can be a money-saving option vs. outsourcing this task. At eXpress Badging, while we have the capability of creating a complete Identification Card System tailored to your exact needs, we can also provide enterprise level hardware/software bundled packages that will allow your own people to configure and manage an inclusive ID Management System on an ongoing basis.

One of the most popular packages offered for completing this process is the professional duplex bundle consisting of Jolly ID Flow Premier Software matched to the HID Fargo DTC-4500 Printer. This is an ideal setup for those with a need for high card functionality, including two-sided printing, and heightened security elements that may include barcodes, magnetic strips, holograph images and even RFID proximity capability.

The HID Fargo/Jolly Professional Duplex ID System is a complete turnkey package that includes installation and training support. It has everything needed to create your ID Management System from the ground up, including:
  • Pedestal-mounted Premium USB Camera with flash
  • Felt backdrop with tripod stand
  • Full color (YMCKOK) printer ribbon
  • High-quality blank PVC cards (500 count)
  • Printer cleaning kit
  • Desktop slot punch

One of the greatest advantages to this particular ID System bundle is the high level of security and convenience offered through a fully integrated system. Information required for card issuance can be easily gathered from various data sources for organizations operating multiple facilities in a variety of geographic locations and converged into a single card-issuing database in one location.

Cards can be made to operate in one facility or more and a wide range of information can be gathered regarding the use of each card or badge. This includes employee attendance and data related to hours worked. Access control for exterior doors, elevators and internal secure areas are also easily monitored, preventing use by unauthorized individuals.

Whether your needs are for simple employee identification or high level security, the Jolly ID Flow Premier software included has the capability to be adapted to your exact requirements. Hardware is fully warranted for one year, extendable to three years. One year of email, telephone and remote support for the total badging system is also included. Four hours of web-based installation and training support is also part of the package.

The importance of workplace security cannot be overstated and this high quality Identification Management System is unparalleled in providing the precise level of security you desire. Contact us for further information or to explore your security options.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fargo DTC-4500 Product Review Spotlight

The Fargo DTC-4500 Card Printer is a high-security unit capable of printing, encoding and laminating single- or dual-sided ID badges. It's a durable, well-designed HID (Human Interface Device) that's ideal for companies wanting the ability to print their own identification cards rather than outsourcing this process elsewhere.

The DTC-4500 can print in either monochrome or color and uses a 5-panel YMCKO ribbon (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, blacK, Overlay). High capacity printing and encoding is possible at 24 seconds per card (150 cards per hour). The unit will accept card stock with any thickness between 9-mil and 40-mil.

The Fargo DTC-4500 bundled package includes:
  • DTC4500 single-sided printer with optional capability of dual-sided printing and lamination
  • AsureID 2009 Solo Software
  • High-Resolution digital camera with USB interface
  • Full-color YMCKO ribbon cartridge with integrated card-cleaning roller
  • 500 PVC card/badges (UltraCard™)
  • 6' USB cord
  • Two-year unlimited pass print-head warranty
  • One-year manufacturer's protection plan (with on-call loaner available)
 A Perfect, Multi-Use Solution

Applications commonly used with the DC-4500 include the making access control cards, employee ID cards and credit cards. Types of encoding available include contact and contactless Smart Cards, HiD iClass, ISO magnetic stripe, HiD Prox and MIFARE/DESFire. The unit produces high quality, full-color badges with security encoding in one single pass. It's intuitive, easy to use and doesn't require operators to undergo extensive training.

Card production is accomplished with sharp, durable images and even holographic foil can be added for protection against easy counterfeiting. Other high-security features include password protection for the printer and fluorescent panel printing.

The advantages of utilizing the technologies available for the in-house production of security IDs are undisputed and ideal for use in businesses, educational institutions and government facilities. The Fargo DTC-4500 card printing system is a fast, high-volume workhorse that's easy to use and to maintain. Interface is made with USB 2.0 and Ethernet w/an internal print server. It's a high-quality and affordable solution to security card production.

Benefits of a Fully Integrated ID System

The benefits associated with installing a fully-integrated ID Card System for your business/organization are many and, with current technologies, there seems no limit to the amount of security and convenience this type of system can provide. Whether it's something as basic as issuing custom-printed ID cards for employee or student identification or installing a fully-integrated digital imaging and access control system, the level of your identification management security program can easily be customized to meet for your specific requirements.

Data Management

A primary benefit when setting up an integrated badging/ID management system is the ability to gather information from existing databases such as those maintained in human resources or from current student/membership rolls. Use of these existing databases will provide efficiency in the card-issuing process and help prevent the issuance of duplicates.

Integrated Card System Security

Integrated systems are secure on many levels. Access control is a primary concern in many buildings, whether it's through entry and exit doors or for specific rooms or areas within a facility. With existing read/write capabilities, each ID card or badge produced can carry specific restrictions to particular access points, allowing only those who are authorized to gain entry. Entry doors can be fitted with keyless locks and made operational only through the use of authorized cardholders. That way, when an employee resigns or is terminated, re-keying of locks is no longer necessary as access is easily reconfigured through the system.

A number of security features can be added to ID cards in order to make them more secure and less likely to be copied or counterfeited. Magnetic stripes, bar codes, holographic foil images and special types of encoding can all be added to increase card security.

Centralized Issuance for Multiple Locations

For organizations with operations in multiple facilities or geographic areas, an integrated identification management system allows for cards/badges to be issued out of a single location from a centralized database yet be operational in all appropriate facilities. This is especially beneficial to large organizations. Enrollment data and photos can be obtained from any location and then sent to a central location for printing and issuance.

ID badges can also be enrolled in multiple systems to keep track of a variety of activities such as movement through access points, cafeteria meal accounts, time clock data and anything else for which accountability is desired. Software available with an integrated ID management system is totally flexible, providing the capability of running locally on a single computer or across a large network for instant access to anyone having authorization.

For functional facilities and personnel control management, there is no better system than an integrated ID management system. Just like keycards have replaced traditional keys in most of today's hotels, many businesses, hospitals, educational institutions and government facilities are trending toward the use of security cards. Whether you procure the needed equipment to produce these cards in-house or outsource to a card system provider, the increased security is well worth the investment.